Mennekes Amtron
MENNEKES AMTRON Wallbox ev chargers
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The MENNEKES AMTRON Wallbox is an ev charger for use in private and semi-public areas, such as private land, company car parks and depots.

With the MENNEKES AMTRON Xtra and MENNEKES Amtron Premium you can specify different access permission modes for your infrastructure. Permanently open access to the charging points is an option if the electricity is to be made available without charge for visitors or company vehicles. With a locally networked concept, you can organize access via RFID charging cards, for example, if you want to set up an infrastructure for your employees at one location. A national networked solution allows you to manage both different locations and all access permissions from a central point. A central data management system is used to allocate the charging cards to the locations.

- Charging acc. Mode 3 (IEC 61851)
- Vehicle connectors and charging socket acc. IEC 62196
- Integrated cable suspender

There are some things in life that are beautiful but not particularly functional. When MENNKES thought about design, they were thinking about more than just the form of the ev chargers. They asked themselves what functions of his ev charger should offer you. So that you can enjoy the design of MENNEKES AMTRON - and the possibilities.

Benefit from an ev chargers that combines design with functionality and thus achieves a new level of operating convenience, specification and safety.

A particular advantage: You will never be annoyed by cable clutter again.

The design of the Mennekes Amtron, ev charger incorporates fast and convenient cable suspension.

- Status information through LED info bar
- Integration into the home network over WLAN / LAN
- RS 485 interface for wired networking with a MENNEKES eMobility-Gateway
- Multi-function button
- Stop function (adjustable parameters; deactivated by default)
- Reset function
- RCD test (only with integrated RCD)
- Re-activating of RCD and CB (only with integrated RCD / CB)
- Unlocking function in case of power failure (only for devices with charging socket type 2)
- Charge APP (download for free)
- Authorising and visualising the charging processes
- Statistic function
- Display of the charged amount of energy and the energy costs
- Data export of charging processes (file format: pdf and csv)
- Selective operation modes: manual (APP-control), time-controlled (internal), external tariff signal, Energy Manager
- Alert function
- Whitelist management for RFID-cards
- RFID system for authorising with local whitelist (up to 98 users)(only for Trend E und Premium (E/R) -devices)
- Enclosure made of AMELAN®

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