All Electric Cars in the market

PEV, Plug in Electric Vehicle is an electric Car that can be charged from the electricity.
BEV is a vehicle that is all electric.
PHEVs Plug-in hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Plug-in cars have some benefits compared to combustion engine cars:

They have lower maintenance costs.
Produce little air pollution.
They reduce dependence on petroleum.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Due to the financial crisis and the lack of knowledge, the growth of plug-in electric vehicles market is slowly. Plug in electric vehicles are more expensive than combustion cars due to the lithium-ion batteries. A lack of public and private charging station infrastructure is also a hurdle.

Other factors are, the limited range of existing electric vehicles, but PHEV eliminate the problem of the range because this kind of cars has a combustion engine.

Electric Vehicles, Bestsellers

Nissan LEAF (BEV) was the bestseller in the world at December 2015 all electric car, with a total sales of 200.000 units, followed by Chevrolet Volt (PHEV) / Opel Vauxhall Ampera (PHEV) together has a global sales of 104.000 units, and the Tesla Model S has 100.000 units sold around the world. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with 85.000 units and Toyota with 75.000 units is in the 5 position.
Nissan Leaf

Over one million electric cars are in our highway, with United States a leader market with 375.000 units of electric vehicles since 2008, China is in the second position with 175.000 units of electric vehicles sold since 2011, followed by Japan with 120.000 units of electric vehicles since 2009. Whole Europe has around 300.00 units of electric vehicleshas been registered since 2010, Norway 70.000, the Netherland 60.000, France 60.000.