Volkswagen Golf Eléctrico: la apuesta fuerte de Volkswagen

Despite being completely electric, the Volkswagen E-Golf retains much of the charm of driving your diesel / petrol version with its firm suspension and tight handling. Unlike other models, the e-Golf takes advantage of Volkswagen's MQB modular architecture, specially designed to accommodate a wide range of different types of vehicles and undercarriages.

Its electric motor 85kW (115-hp) and lithium-ion battery  of 24.2 Kwh give you a range of up to 190 kilometers -nothing to envy from  its competitors. Its adjustable driving modes and regenerative braking help much to reach that range when driving conditions are more aggressive or unfavorable. The top speed is 135km / h, more than enough for a common use of the vehicle.

The car has three driving programs: Normal, Eco (95HP and up to 120km / h) and Range (maximum speed of 95 km / h and cancellation of air-conditioning system). According to the company, the electric car has a speed starter of 2.5 second faster than the GTI. We can say that the electric car can go from 0 to 100 in just 10.4 seconds.

There are two plugs to recharge the battery, one on the front part and one where we usually fill the tank. With the fast charging system we only need two hours, but we always recommend the domestic recharge (5 hours) in order to increase the battery life. Volkswagen affirms that you can use fast charging systematically and gives the user a 10 year warranty battery.
2014 was the year in which Volkswagen committed with electric cars, starting with the e-up! and putting all the efforts on the Electric Golf (available from € 35,500).
What will the year 2015 bring?