As with the Renault Zoe, Volkswagen e-UP has the battery located under the bottom floor and in the back side, where you can normally find the fuel tank. Therefore, the inside of the electric car Volkswagen e-UP is the same as its gasoline and diesel versions. Even cargo space is not affected. This says much about this model. But to be honest, it is still a small car.

The Volkswagen e-UP is the first electric car of Volkswagen (up to 82 CV and 210 Nm). Everything runs smoothly and quietly, comparable to what the Renault Zoe does. Moreover, the autonomy of the E-Up is more limited than the one of the Renault Zoe. Like the e-tron Audi A3, this small Volkswagen is equipped with Bosch iBooster, specially developed for electric and hybrid cars. It is a system that focuses on a smooth transition during regenerative braking.

By the way, in the Volkswagen E-UP it is differently used the brake pedal than in the combustion engine cars. The degree to which the car brakes to regenerate energy is determined by a sideways movement of the "gearbox". The chassis is equipped with 130 kg batteries installed at the bottom of the car. Since the position of the batteries is located in this part of the vehicle, the car is always stable on the road.