Our Tesla Charging Stations for your TESLA MODEL S

The Tesla Model S is the new benchmark in the automotive sector. With the Model S you will have a unique driving experience without CO2 emissions. Thanks to a rigid body, a perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity, the Tesla Model S offers one of the best response capabilities of response and agility between all sports cars in the world, along with the quality of driving a sedan.

Autonomy up to 480 kilometers! Behind the steering wheel you will notice how carefully Tesla has worked on the combination of a unique propulsion system and unprecedented silence. The jewel inside the Tesla Model S is the 17 " touch screen with mobile connectivity.

Tesla Charging Stations

Tesla Model S is thebenchmark in electric autonomy. The model S is available with different packs of batteries (60 kWh = 370 km, 85kWh = 480 km). The batteries are built into the vehicle, with benefits for the structure, aerodynamics and the driver behavior. The batteries used by Tesla Model S are lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, which were designed to save energy, optimal temperature control and maximum safety. A type 2 socket allows charging, you can choose from a 3,7kW to a 22kW Tesla charging stations.