With the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive comes the 100% electric driving of Smart. There are two models: the Smart fortwo electric drive and the Smart BRABUS electric drive. The first makes simpler an more exciting the electric mobility and the second has amazing features, stunning design and maximum compatibility with the environment.

The Smart fortwo electric drive converts urban traffic jams into a pleasure: it is small, maneuverable, attractive, flexible and secure. A fully designed for urban mobility electric car.

The Smart BRABUS electric drive is electrifying, powerful and sustainable. You can find it in the coupé or cabrio versions, and it has a maximum torque without producing CO2 emissions.

Relax in the park after a hard day at work and then, without any stress, go back home with the Smart fortwo. It is a new perspective on urban mobility with greater comfort, agility, safety and environmental friendliness. Unmistakable nature. The autonomy of "Smart Fortwo Electric" is up to 135 kilometers. The car is powered by an electric engine and is equipped with a connector type 2.