With the Renault Zoe, a compact and 100% electric car, the real revolution starts! The ZOE is the first car that is suitable for everyone and is ideal for everyday driving. Tomorrow's technology that already takes into account all of you and the environment. The ZOE is equipped with the most advanced electrical technology. In its development there are more than sixty registered patents in the area of ??usability, connectivity and innovations of the range.

The Renault Zoe is equipped with the "Range Optimizer" system, which improves the autonomy regardless of the driving conditions. As it happens with a car with a combustion engine, speed, topography, driving, the use of heating and / or air conditioning affect the real autonomy. So, in urban areas usually it has a range of about 100-150 kilometers.

This electric car is sold with the option of rental batteries, so you get lifetime warranty on the Renault batteries.
If you choose to recharge the electric car with a recharging point of 11 kW (400 V three-phase), the charging time of the Renault Zoe (with empty battery) takes about 2-3 hours. If you choose a charging point of 22 kW, the Zoe will be fully charged after 1-2 hours.