The Opel Ampera is not just a car, it is the first electric car that takes you further. Drive without having to recharge the battery every 60-80 km depending on the circumstances and the driver behavior. But even traveling long distances the Opel Ampera is still an electric car. Just keep driving. The electric engine is indeed an extension of the autonomy, so that autonomy is increased over 500 kilometers.

The Opel Ampera offers a total daily functionality, exciting features and a more autonomy than the current electric cars, like the Chevrolet Volt. With a streamlined and attractive design, it has a defined philosophy with the motto "sculptural expertise joint to German precision".

Technology E-REV

The Opel Ampera is an extended-range electric car (E-REV). Energy is stored in a battery pack lithium ion of 16 kW/h. The batteries feed the 150 cv engine and offer a range of 40-80 km with full features. This electric car is available from 36,100 euro. A charging point with type 1 to 3.7kW connection is enough to recharge your Opel Ampera.