The Nissan Evalia ENV200 is the electric van that saves more money among all the electric vans of the market. Only in the city of Barcelona 4 electric taxis are already taking advantage of this cost reduction. 
This electric van incorporates a technology designed to make life easier for the driver, as noise and vibration disappear. We can say that this is an efficient electric car. The eNV200 incorporates different technologies such as a smart key, a start-up assistant for ascents and an automatic gearbox.
The Nissan Evalia env200 does not pollute, as it emits zero CO2 emissions and saves money on fuel consumption. Some people have already saved between 400€ and 700 € in gasoline, they work less and they have a better quality of life. The maintenance of the Nissan env200 is lower than the one for diesel vehicles (a 40% less) and its energy consumption is of 60%.

The Nissan env200 provides a dynamic acceleration and has the same autonomy as the Nissan Leaf,  arriving up to 200km in relaxed driving and 122km on motorways and high temperatures. The price  ranges from € 24,788 + car batteries up to € 30,688. With a loading point to 7kW you can recharge it in 4 or 5 hours.