The Kia Soul Electric is the first fully electric model, taking a step forward in technology and energy efficiency in the automotive sector. Its young, fun and cubicle shaped appearance sets it apart from its classic competitors. We can say that the Kia Soul EV is an urbanite car for XXI century citizens.

This electric car promises up to 200 km of autonomy, similar to its competitors, only surpassed by the Tesla S. The polymer lithium-ion battery (capacity of 27 kWh, power 90kW) is strategically located under the floor of the passenger compartment.
The Kia Soul Electric has a permanent magnet synchronous motor (81,4KW) and torque of 250Nm. This will allow you to quickly accelerate from standstill or in case you need to overtake at a moderate speed. As a practical data, the Soul EV imitates the sound of a combustion engine when you are traveling at a speed less than 20km / h, a fact that will avoid you any worries with the most distracted pedestrians.

This compact utilitarian has a top speed of 145 km / h and y goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.2 seconds. It is available from € 23,300 plus 84 monthly payments of 99 euros (Kia Soul EV Basic) or € 26,300 and 84 monthly payments of 99 euros (Kia Soul CHAdeMO EV). These fees are the price of the financed battery for seven years, or up to 150,000 km. After this time, the warranty runs out.

The standard recharge (6,6kW) fills the battery to 100% in less than five hours, while fast recharge (50kW, exclusive model CHAdeMO) leaves the battery to 80% in just half an hour. This model has Type 1 Yazaki connector (J1772).