The BMW i3 is the first electric car of BMW that focuses on sustainable mobility. This four-seater stands out for its construction: the BMW eDrive is notable for its design based on BMW EfficientDynamics technology, the same way an electric sports car highlights are the hood, roof and tailgate. The wheels are close to the corners of the car body in order to ensure a stable and dynamic driving. The new BMW i3 electric car is available from € 35,500.


The BMW i3 is more than an electric car. Made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, the car has a number of innovative services that support the BMW i3, before, during and after the trip. Directly inside the car or through the application of BMW i3 Remote, while charging at home, the BMW i3 navigation system features BMW Connected Drive on the screen and if you need help: the BMW i3 is always online. A home charging station for a BMW i3 is possible, as the BMW i3 is powered by a 170 hp electric engine. The bmw i3 range is between 130-160 kilometers. The BMW i3 range extender provides an additional range of 300 kilometers. This electric car has a plug type 2.

BMW i3 Charging at home or BMW i3 Charging at work, can be safely and quickly done with a charging station up to 3.7kW. The battery is recharged in six hours in total. If you want, you can also opt for a charging station 7 kW (32 A 1-phase). It allows you to recharge your electric car faster.