ChargingBox offers charging points for your vehicle fleet or for making it available for your employees. Our products can be chosen in different charging powers, from 3,7kW to 22kW. With our charging points, a Nissan Leaf can be charged in 7-8 hours at 3,7kW and in 4-5 hours at 7kW.
Now you can give an image of a compromised company with the environment, due to the fact that our products are 100% recyclable as well as the vehicles don’t generate CO2 emissions.
Select a charging point acording to your corporative company image, choosing a colour and adding your logo.
You have the option of installing an individual charging point, installed in the wall, or a double one to take advantage of the parking spaces.
We would also like to remind you that our products have been tested for all the different automotive brands.
If you want to keep a control or the charging point is going to be installed in a public or semi-public zone, the best option is a statin with a RFID card reader, since from our “Backoffice” you can consult any doubts you have to keep track of the consume and be able to rebill the wasted energy. The LED indicates the status of the charge.

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