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It is expected that in 2016 all world will have a high growth charging station for electric car around the world, our goal is to offer a good charging station for electric car and all kind of services related with the electric cars, we offer some different charging station for car parks with fleets of electric cars. ChargingBox helps you solving the problems for refilling your electric car.

Electric car

The main advantage of the electric car is that it does not generate emissions while circulating, so the emission of polluting gases is avoided, improving the quality of the air in our cities.

Due to the dependance to oil, the electric car appears as a solution to resolve this dependance as well as disolving the monopoly created in the urban roads. Apart from the environmental and economical advantages, it can be said that the electric car fulfills the urban needs given the fact that the battery autonomy of electric cars is enough and adequated for these kind of journeys.Recharge your electric car at home, while you are working, in the office or wherever you want, recover your battery range, so, you will need a charging station for electric car at home, you will need a charging station for electric carin the office and perhaps you will need a charging station for electric carin the supermarket...


Nowadays, not everyone is a target for the electric car, as stated before the electric car is focused in those who take intercity routes, and even though the Chargingbox products, can give power to an electric car up to 22kW, the one in charge is the electric car, so before getting an electric car make sure of buying that car who can fulfill your own needs.

It is also convenient to analyse the pros and cons of acquiring an electric car, and a charging station for electric car, and considering it for intercity routes as they represent more than 60% of the needs of the daily; mobility of goods as well as people. That’s why one of the ways of understanding our products is dedicating them to the refill the fleets of electric car from companies. If you have any doubt about our charging station for electric car do not hesitate to contact us and remember we are also available on social networks.

Charging Station for home

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